MOREHEAD CITY, NC–It is official: The Fish Tacos are now a sanctioned baseball team, complete with a new logo and new uniforms. The Morehead City Marlins are ecstatic to establish their new alternate identity for the 2022 season and beyond! 

You may be asking yourself, “…but why Fish Tacos?” The answer, of course, lies in the ingredients and love that each Crystal Coast chef puts into their product. Known for its exemplary seafood options, the Marlins want to honor the talented chefs and restaurants in the Morehead City area by combining two staples of the coastal diet (See: Fish, Tacos), to wear as our namesake each Tuesday night throughout the season.

“Alternate identities in baseball are an innovative way to connect the local community with their hometown team in a fun and creative way,” Morehead City Marlins owner, Buddy Bengel said. “Morehead City is now Fish Taco Country and the Marlins are proud to represent the amazing chefs and local eateries that have inspired this nickname. Make sure you come to the ballpark and taste for yourself!”

The sensational Dank Burrito will be sponsoring our Taco Tuesdays at Big Rock Stadium throughout the 2022 season! Dank Burrito’s Munchie-Crushing Food Truck will be located on site cooking up its Fresh-To-Death ingredients and displaying its Chef-Driven approach for all Marlins fans to devour. 

Listed below are all of the 2022 Taco Tuesday dates scheduled at Big Rock Stadium (all games begin at 7:00PM):

  • May 31st
  • June 28th
  • July 12th
  • July 19th
  • July 26th

Tickets are on sale now! 

Should you have any questions for our staff or believe you have better Fish Tacos than Morehead City, contact us at [email protected].