MHC Marlins Club


Mission Statement:

The Morehead City Marlins Club is an organization whose purpose is to encourage enthusiastic support and interest in Marlins baseball.


Stock the bus with food and water for road games.

Recruit host families for players, coaches, and interns.

Sell club memberships.

Sell season tickets.

Find summer jobs for players (if needed).

Support fundraisers.

Support the Marlins in a positive way both on and off the field.

The members of the Marlins Club enjoy the sport of baseball and activities with others who share the same interests. As volunteers, members assist the Morehead City Marlins Baseball Team by coordinating housing for the players, coaching staff and interns. Volunteers find jobs for players, increase awareness of Morehead City Marlins Baseball in Carteret County, and ultimately make player experiences enjoyable. The better their experiences are, the more talented the recruits will be in the future which will only strengthen the quality of play at Big Rock Stadium.

Monthly general meetings will be held.  The meetings are open to all and shall include Club business. Committee reports and future activities are discussed at the meetings. The Club raises funds to cover general operating expenses and the cost of functions provided to the players and coaches by raffles, sales of special items, membership dues, and other means.

The leadership of the Club attempts to schedule recreational activities for members' enjoyment which may include picnics and trips to away-from-home games to support the Morehead City Marlins. The MHC Marlins Club strives to be an asset for the Morehead City Marlins Baseball organization and to assist them in any way possible while making it an enjoyable experience for all members.


If you would like to support the Morehead City Marlins Baseball Team by becoming a member of the MHC Marlins Club, please fill out the membership application form below.  Thank you! 

MHC Marlins Club Application Form